Lean Startup Automation

we are bringing years of failures transformed into lessons and packaged as 'Failure as a tool', a strategy that will help you win your markets.

Worry Broker

A workplace technology. a digital broker for your worry or dream. When your ideas are not developing, new skills demand? we combine our startup experience to move your worries to digital. we help you become create digital cultures to engage you problems that matter to you.

citizen accelerator

A digital accelerator as a service with a high potential leader network on the site help layoffs and their mobility


Jobs in people

We value our customers steve job's dream. We work hard to help them to offer tools they need to deliver their dream and delivering to all. We combine peer to peer leanring on the job

Design problems that matters to all

A layoff is a problem that mattered to the founders and they believed in developing a package manager for layoffs.