Startup Sandbox

we are bringing years of failures transformed into lessons and packaged as 'Failure as a tool', a strategy that will help you win your markets.

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Digital Worker

A workplace technology. a digital broker for your worry or dream. When your ideas are not developing, new skills demand? we combine our startup experience to move your worries to digital. we help you become create digital cultures to engage you problems that matter to you.

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Citizen Accelerator

A digital accelerator as a service with a high potential leader network developed on the site to help layoffs and their impact mobility as a service.

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Uncertainty is every where. we teach you how we have quantified. Seeing is believing that everyone knows. Climbing new highs we may not have developed the ladders.

Founders had familiarity with "seeing is distracting?" They wanted to understand and tell stories  about how and when we are may be developing blind spots for learnings and learn to ignore symptoms. sometimes we may ignore very systematic behaviours.

Our competitive edge is our love for solving problems like layoffs and we created singularity university strategy on the site for problems.

We are lucky to have come up business models for business and industry depression. with we have explained how identify insights that matter and create a marketplace where companies can learn to be sustainable.

we are story tellers and we had hard time to communicate in crisis, We can tell you how to communicate crisis in a way we avoid "design for dump"